B4BC Chalet Boot for sale Utah - Salt Lake City - DC chalet boots pink

B4BC Chalet Boot for sale Utah — Salt Lake City

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Product Condition: The DC B4BC Chalet Boots are in excellent conditions.The Boots have little use.The Boots have no cuts or holes.The Boots are in like new condition. n

Size: Women's L

Color: White/Pink

Retail Cost: $99.95

You got to get in to the DC B4BC Chalet Boots they're good for your feet and your karma. B4BC is a non-profit foundation dedicated to increasing awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection. DC and B4BC have joined forces in this hot-looking white and pink version of the super-cool Chalet boot. Furry on the top and fuzzy on the inside, these aprs-shredding boots are where your toes want to go when they're not snowboarding. DC donates proceeds from the sale of these boots to B4BC for the good of girls everywhere.
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  • Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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