Windstopper Tech Vest Mens Slightly Used - Salt Lake City - picture of power block weights

Windstopper Tech Vest Mens Slightly Used — Salt Lake City

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Product Description:This men's Windstopper Tech vest was returned after some use due to having two small holes on the top of the left shoulder. The vest no longer has tags, there are no defects. The vest is clean and in great condition.

Size:Men's size small

Color:Charcoal, as shown in picture

Retail Cost:$94.95

The Mountain Hardwear Men's Windstopper Tech Vest's light weight belies its warmth and wind blocking power. At only 11-ounces, it insulates with Windstopper microfleece and a soft tricot lining. The Windstopper laminate is highly breathable, keeping your core safe from wind chill without turning your layering system into a sauna. The low bulk Tech Vest layers smoothly for frigid alpine climbs, and gives you lightweight protection for warmer backcountry pursuits.
You'll barely notice the Mountain Hardwear Tech Vest, and you'll barely notice the wind.

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  • Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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